Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yet another idiot driver causes yet another accident.

A few days ago I was driving home when I came across an odd sight. At one particular set of traffic lights with two lanes each way and a turn lane, all the traffic in the outside lane was standing still at a green light. The inside lane was completely clear. Figuring it was the usual inattentiveness of the driver at the front (who hadn't noticed the green light), both me and the car in front went down the inside lane which was clear. Sadly, it was a trap. The driver at the front of the other lane was in fact attempting to turn right from the left turn lane. He did this just as the driver in front of me got to the front of the queue. The driver in front of me hit the guy who was turning broadside and shoved the entire wreckage into the middle of the intersection. I was able to stop in time for it not to become a three-car pile-up. Once again I found myself filing yet another accident witness statement to the police. I made sure it was crystal clear in my statement that the guy who caused the accident was the idiot who turned right from the left lane. I'd like to think he'd get some sort of punishment for being such a retard, but in my heart I know he'll get a small fine and be left to go on with his life, probably to cause more accidents in future.

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