Monday, May 20, 2013

Guest post : Bilstein shock technology

Bilstein is a well know name when it comes to shocks and performance vehicles, but they don't stop there. They make many different series that benefit all different types of vehicles. They make a Heavy Duty shock for towing vehicles and trucks, a series of shocks specifically for motorhomes, and several performance shocks for off-road racing and lifted vehicles. Most significantly they have revolutionized what shocks and suspension components can offer for sports vehicles. Bilstein has something unique that sets their shocks apart from the rest of the manufacturers; they were the pioneers of the Monotube design. This design offers great qualities that offer a long lasting and high quality shock.
It is important to understand the difference between a standard twin tube shock and Bilstein's Monotube shock in order to really grasp all of the benefits. Twin tube shocks have the outer reservoir and then another tube inside that is the "working cylinder". The working cylinder contains the dividing piston and this is where the dampening and function happens. The dividing piston is small in a twin tube design and allows for air bubbles to enter the oil, causing foaming. Foaming in a shock leads to decreased dampening force and performance. This design also traps heat in the shock body leading to a shortened lifespan. In a Monotube design heat is able to transfer from the oil to outer surface of the shock making it function more efficiently. The nitrogen in the shock is separated from the oil by a dividing piston that is 228% larger than a twin tubes piston, and pressure from the gas keeps the oil from foaming. This process results in a longer life for the shock as well as a better ride and more control over the vehicle.
Bilstein makes several series designed just for performance vehicles. They have the B8 Series shock, B12 Series that has a Pro Kit and Sportline, B14 PSS and B16 PSS9/PSS10. The B8 Series is a lowering shock or strut that features the monotube gas design and a sport setting for added comfort. With the addition of the B8 shocks you will have improved vehicle handling and ride comfort. These are designed in the same fashion as their HD shocks, but have a shorter internal bumper to accommodate lower springs without sacrificing safety. This series is designed to perform well in all weather conditions, so you never have to worry about losing control of your vehicle.
The B12 Series consists of two different choices; you have the Pro-Kit and the Sportline. Both of these shocks bring you a Monotube design, and inverted tube technology. The inverted tube will abolish rod flex and improve stability. The inverted design will also keep the shock cooler, reducing wear and increasing durability. These are coil over shocks fitted with Eibach progressive rate springs. They have a professional cornering system built in and provide a fast response time. The difference between the two kits is that the Pro-Kit lowers your vehicle up to 40mm while the Sportline will lower it up to 50mm. The B14 PSS Suspension system is a ride height adjustable system. This shock comes with Bilstein's signature Monotube Gas Pressure technology and an adjustable range between of 20mm; this will allow you to lower your vehicle from 30-50mm. This systems round thread technology, aluminum spring seat and lock nut allows you to adjust the ride height easily to change the look of your vehicle without having to remove the suspension. The addition of B14's also brings improved ride handling and performance.
The B16 PSS9/PSS10 System is a "race inspired" suspension system with manually adjustable damping settings. You can choose from either 9 or 10 stage compression and rebound settings. This allows for an easy transition from comfortable ride to a racing situation without having to remove anything from the vehicle. The monotube shock absorbers can adjust your ride height from 30mm-50mm lower and also comes with a progressive rate spring to ensure ultimate ride handling.
Bilstein has a shock for every vehicle but when it comes to sport and performance cars they really hit the mark. They have gone above and beyond to create performance suspension systems that will give you the best handling characteristics and complete control over the look and feel of your car. Having a durable, high performing shock not only increases ride comfort and handling but also increases the vehicles safety level.