Monday, November 2, 2015

Renault and Formula 1.

I love F1 - I've watched it since the mid 80's and I'll defend it until the end of days. But Renault need to die in a fire for what they’ve done to my favourite motorsport; those awful wet-fart turbo engines that they forced into the sport. Renault can't even compete with the very engine they forced everyone to use. Red Bull have threatened to leave F1 because of the appalling state of Renault. If Red Bull leave, Ecclestone should be looking to sue Renault, not Red Bull.
It used to be that you couldn't get near an F1 circuit without earplugs. In Singapore this year, I could comfortably watch from 6ft behind the fence without ear protection. The Porsche Cup and Touring cars sounded better than the F1 cars. I don't care what anyone says - the sound of F1 cars absolutely IS part of the draw of watching it on TV and seeing it in the flesh.
The turbo engines were introduced in an effort to green up the F1 image. I don't get it. F1 doesn't need to be "green". The only way a motorsport is ever going to be "green" is if we shut down all the teams and stop racing completely. F1 is supposed to be the pinnacle of racing, the motoring tour-de-force. Screw being green. Bring back refueling, bring back multiple tyre manufacturers and for the love of your chosen deity, bring back some decent engines.