Monday, September 1, 2014

The oddest car colour.

I know I talk about the monochrome nature of car-buyer's paint choices a lot, but I recently came across one particular manufacturer who had one paint colour that was more intriguing than the rest. Now I know a lot of the high end cars have multiple versions of black - Piano Black, Saloon Black, Midnight Starry Black, Swirling Vortex Of Evil Black, Blue So Dark It's Basically Black etc. So it was with a smile on my lips that I saw Luxury Brown listed as a paint colour. Let me say that again. Luxury. Brown. As in the colour of poo. Not only that, but you could get Metalflake Luxury Brown too, for it you want your poo-coloured car to sparkle in the sunlight. Honestly if that was the only "colour" option, I'm not surprised people end up with black, white, silver and grey.