Monday, May 21, 2012

Going way back

Ever heard of the internet time machine? It's a project that archives websites pretty much forever. Long before I had the carbibles domain name, the earliest versions of this site were hosted at Geocities. I've used the internet time machine on a couple of occasions to defend my copyright - people who claim they wrote articles that were mine - and I can always pre-date them using this service. For example one of the earliest versions of the engine oil bible is here : internet time machine
Before the site was on geocities, I had it piggybacked off the server of a company I used to work for and those pages go back to 1994. I'm still trying to dig out a copy of those. I always find it interesting to go back that far in time and see how the site has evolved, how opinions have changed and how the various articles have matured and been refined by more up to date information and input from people with more knowledge than me. But one thing is clear - there will always be motorheads and car nuts, bikers of all sorts, greasemonkeys and people for whom their vehicle is simply a way of getting from A to B. I try to make my site enjoyable for everyone - hope you still like it.