Monday, July 30, 2012

Guest post : Get the 'drift' ?

Anyone who has seen the stunts and set pieces that pepper Tokyo Drift, the third instalment of the Fast and Furious film franchise, will understand the excitement of drifting. Drifting has a much longer history than its cinematic debut in 2006 and fans of drifting competitions can attest that the thrills and spills of drifting are even larger than life when seen from the side of the track than on the big screen.
Professional drift cars have been tweaked and modified to fine tune their performance and safety: the choice of specialist tyres, modifications to suspension and brakes and the use of a limited slip differential are the main areas of focus. However anyone can get the drift. With a private road, an understanding of drift technique and an unmodified car fresh off even a Hyundai car dealerships forecourt anyone can drift. This masterclass should give you the basics of drifting that you need: once you’ve got the drift you can go on to master the art.

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