Monday, November 11, 2013

Guest post : things you must know while selecting an engine oil for your car.

While choosing engine oil for your car, there are some things that you must know. These are detailed below.

What type of oil you have been using
• In case you have an old car that has been running on single-weight oil for a long time, it will have built up some sludge as single-weight oil does not have detergents in them.
• If you suddenly change to multi-viscosity oil, the detergent in it will clean and release all that sludge in your car engine and the gook will begin to slosh and really foul everything up.
• Therefore, it would be better to continue using the same single-weight oil unless you are ready to first have your engine cleaned before switching to multi-viscosity oil. When switching, it’s good to get a competent mechanic to do it. Otherwise, your car’s engine will be taken apart during cleaning and then reassembled poorly and problems will begin.
• Lastly, as long as your car engine is running well, it’s ideal to stick to the old oil you have been using.

How old is your car oil? How many kilometers have you driven it?
• If your engine has been running for many miles on 30-40 single-weight oil, multi-weight oil is not going to be adequately thick to lubricate the worn engine parts which will have become smaller due to the tear creating wide gaps between them.
• To keep these gaps well lubricated, switch to heavier single oil as you engine becomes older and begins to run burn up oil more quickly. For example, if you have been operating on a 30-weight oil, change to a 40 weight especially during the summer when oil seems to thin out first.

Check out your manufacturer engine manual
• While choosing engine oil for your car, make sure to select one of the brands that the user manual recommends. This is particular so if your car is relatively new and has not had a lot of repairs. The manufacturer knows what is best for the engine they manufacture.
• Also note that using anything else other than the recommended oil may invalidate your new car warranty.

The weather conditions
• In case you live in a place where there are sharp changes in temperature, you should consider using multi-weight engine oil since it covers a wide range of temperature. You should ensure that you consult the viscosity charge to ensure that the oil you choose will flow properly even under extreme conditions.

Choice between synthetic and mineral oil
• One of the decisions that a driver is faced with while choosing engine oil is whether to use mineral or synthetic oil.
• Just to explain, mineral oil is the one that comes from clude oil and is manufactured at oil refineries. This type of oil is the oldest and it’s less expensive as compared to mineral oil.
• On the other hand, synthetic oil is more expensive because the chemical process through which they are manufactured is costly but they are beneficial since they allow for more miles to be driven before oil can be changed. It also more stable under high and low temperature as compared to synthetic oil.

It’s important to note that your driver plays a significant role while it comes to choosing the right oil for your car. Make sure your driver is competent and licensed by calling the dvla phone number.