Monday, January 11, 2016

Come winter, come the one-eyed monsters.

PSA: if one of your headlight bulbs goes out, replace it. Don't drive around with the other one on full beam - it's not a substitute and it's inconsiderate (and dangerous) to other drivers. Compared to the costs involved in owning a car, replacing a headlight bulb is basically free. It takes 5 minutes even on the most awkward car so there's no excuse.
The other problem I see in the winter is people who think that daytime running lights = automatic lights. No - they're absolutely not the same thing. Daytime running lights are the sidelights that come on in some cars when the ignition is turned on. They only come on at the front, so when you're driving in the dark on a cold winter morning, the main headlights aren't on, and the tail lights aren't on. You either need to turn the headlights on yourself, or if you have auto lights, make sure the switch is in the 'auto' position.
Either way - manual or auto lights - change the damned bulb and don't be so lazy!