Monday, October 29, 2012

Guest post : The DMV

The DMV can be a hassle. Long lines, paperwork, fees, and bureaucracy, aren't things many look forward to. There are ways to cut down on lost time though. From ordering products online to doing some preparatory research, sometimes the DMV can be outright avoided.
Often, a quick search online can save you a lot of time. Three things I usually look for, if I have to go in person, are the following:
1) Proper Identification
Waiting in line only to realize you don't have the correct ID with you is not a good use of time. It can vary from task to task but usually its a pretty easy search on the DMV state website. Know what you need beforehand.
2) Printable Forms
Most states will have a list of different forms and usually put up PDFs available for download. Having the form already filled out saves time at the counter. Also, there may be some information you didn't know you needed to have on there.
3) Correct Office
In smaller counties and towns there's usually only one DMV that handles everything, but for bigger cities there are sometimes smaller offices that don't manage some tasks. Contacting your DMV can save you the hassle.

Online Products
Sometimes products are available online. Some of them are from private companies or can be found on DMV's website. For example:
Driving Records
Sometimes called a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR), Driving History Report, Drivers License Check, or Driving Abstract. These are detailed records of traffic violations, license suspensions, and so on, usually used for employment purposes.
Study Material
All state DMVs have a drivers handbook that they offer with safety guidelines and traffic rules. They have all the information that are on various licensing tests. Private companies also offer study guides and practice tests. There are boating and motorcycle tests out there as well.
Traffic School
Traffic Schools can help decrease demerit points or sharpen skills before a driving test. There are online traffic school options as well services that help you find physical driving courses.

If you can't get the correct information or product online unfortunately you're going to have to go to the DMV and figure it out in person. Hopefully this guide helps, and good luck!