Monday, October 28, 2013

UK Driving Test Tips

Taking your driving test can be an intimidating experience – there’s so much to think about, and you’ll naturally be keen to pass so you can buy a used car (or even a new one if you’re very lucky) and finally get on the road. Plus you might well be worried about the potential expense and embarrassment that will come if you fail and end up having to take your test again…
Don’t fret – here’s some tips on how to pass your test first time.
1. Be certain that you’re ready… When you’re learning to drive, you’ll finds there’s no shortage of people with an opinion on when exactly you should take your test, but, ultimately, that decision lies with you. Everyone learns at a different speed, so don’t measure yourself against others – book your test only when you feel totally ready to take the plunge.

2. …And don’t let worries or nerves get to you It’s natural to feel a little anxious about taking your test, but listening to horror stories about what can go wrong won’t help. Focus on channelling your energy into performing at your best instead.

3. Swot up Don’t just forget all that valuable stuff you learned for your theory test the moment you pass it; a good understanding of the Highway Code sets you in good stead, so keep reminding yourself of the rules of the road and why they’re in place as you continue to learn to drive.

4. Practise on all types of road and in all conditions We all know full well that the British weather can be unpredictable, so you need to be ready for anything! Driving on different types of road in varying conditions will mean you’ll be as prepared as possible.

5. Do your research Check out the area around the test centre on Google Maps Street View. There’s no way to tell exactly what direction and how far your examiner will actually take you on the test, but having an overview of what’s around the corner – whether that be a roundabout, concealed entrance or give way line – could give you an advantage.

6. Take a ‘mock test’ Book a driving lesson close to your test date (even on the same day if you’d like), and see if it’s possible for a different instructor to give you a ‘mock test’ in the area surrounding the test centre. Just like a mock exam, it’s a good way to prepare for what’s to come.

7. Remember that you don’t have to tell everyone that you’re taking your test The more people that know you’re taking your test, the more pressure you’ll feel to succeed. You’re under no obligation to tell any of your friends or family that you’re taking your driving test, so if you’d rather keep it to yourself, do!

8. Keep cool It’s inevitable that you’ll encounter something unexpected during your test, whether it’s a problem with your car or another motorist getting in your way. Is something goes wrong, think logically and don’t panic – if you’ve studied and practised enough, you’ll know how best to deal with any situation. And remember that something going wrong won’t necessarily mean that you’ll fail your test as long as you handle whatever it is in a responsible and sensible way.

This post was produced by Molly who works on behalf of Used Car Dealership The Car They are based in Manchester, Sheffield and Wakefield and love working in a way that is hassle free for every customer.