Monday, February 8, 2016

Shocker : motorcyclist fatalities skyrocket after Michigan repeals helmet law.

This ought to surprise nobody, but in the three years since Michigan repealed their mandatory helmet law for motorcyclists, the accident and injury rates have skyrocketed. Deaths at the scene of the accident have quadrupled. Deaths in hospital from head injuries have tripled. Severity of injuries to the head have massively increased. Why? Because people are idiots. When the helmet law was in effect, 14% of riders rode without helmets. Since 2012, that number has jumped to 68%. Apparently these people's brains are so dumb that they can't figure out to protect the skulls they live in.
Helmet law or not, I always ride with a helmet. And an armoured jacket, leather boots and armoured reinforced gloves. It's common sense. Well - it should be - but for 68% of the riders in Michigan, it seems they have no common sense. They don't seem to care about their own lives, or the effect their death has on their friends and families. They don't seem to care about the cost to all taxpayers who are having to foot the bill for uninsured riders who are killing themselves. They don't seem to understand the effect that a crash has on the other people involved. But shit - yeah they understand 'Murica, freedom, fuck yeah! You know what - being mandated to wear a helmet is not infringing on anyone's freedom.
Injuries soar after Michigan stops requiring motorcycle helmets