Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Please - use your brain.

In my ongoing theme of intolerance of idiot drivers, it seems to me that less and less people are able to use their brains nowadays. This was illustrated again today on the way to lunch. The situation is a little unique - the intersection in question has two left turn lanes. About half way along, there's a street on the left. People want to turn out of that street into the turn lanes so they invariably sit there for ages, waiting to cross traffic and try to force their way in to the lanes that are full of traffic waiting to turn.
The solution is so brilliantly elegant that it illustrates just how stupid some drivers are. If they turned right out of that road and then did a legal U-turn, they could simply join the line of traffic waiting to turn.
But no.
Today, the incredibly short woman in the ridiculously large SUV decided it was in fact better to block the entire road, than it was to use her brain. When she eventually did push in to the traffic, she had to cross a slightly raised kerb and a painted double yellow line to do so, thus not only demonstrating her stupidity, but her complete lack of understanding of road signs and traffic markings.
Why do people have such a hard time using their brain? I just don't understand it. Are people really evolving to be so idiotically stupid that they can't perform the most simple tasks of reasoning and elemental problem-solving? Or is it just plain selfishness?


Paul said...

I have a similar situation on the way home from work. The only difference is that it isn't a side street, but a business driveway.
Most of the time drivers on the road are courteous (no, sriously!) and will leave a gap if there are cars waiting. The issue is when one or two cars get in and the third and forth want to get in as well even though there obviously isn't going to be room for them. End result is the other side of the road completely blocked.
One word, impatience!

On a side note, I finally got off my ass and sat the drivers tests last week. Even though I passed ok it was bloody nerve racking. I haven't had to sit a practical driving test for 26 years and I really had to check all those bad habits I've picked up :-)

Anonymous said...

Don't be upset Live is like ass hair : short and full of s..t
it is not about brain but about disregard
these are every day here in Romania
lucky you born there

Anonymous said...

sorry life instead of live ...

Firefly said...

An addition to the elegant solution: make the junction with the smaller road a right turn only junction. Problem solved. Everyone is forced to turn right and make a U-turn if they wanted to turn left in the first place.