Sunday, July 13, 2008

Check your tread depth - it isn't that hard.

A new system is being made available to police forces, that can measure your tyre tread depth as you drive past it. (Story) The idea is that it will enforce tread depth laws like speed cameras do - automatically. Yet another method of bleeding the motorist dry. But it's all so unnecessary. Check your tread depth every now and then - once a month maybe. It's not that hard. Apart from eliminating the chance of a spot fine, you're doing us all a favour. The less worn your tyres are, the more chance there is of you being able to stop or corner properly. Unless you live in Utah, that means one less thing that could cause an accident. I single out Utah of course because logic goes out of the window here when it comes to driving. No amount of driver training or vehicle safety can account for the sheer random stupidity of these people. But that's a topic for another entry.

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