Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another great reason to avoid OnStar / GM

I'm not a huge fan of OnStar. I have a huge problem with a for-profit company being able to remote start and stop a car I might be driving, as well as being able to listen in to any conversation I might be having. Well - here's another great reason to avoid OnStar-equipped vehicles : from September 2008, OnStar operators will now be able to disable your accelerator too.
OnStar's site is full of self-inflating guff, proudly proclaiming Stolen Vehicle Slowdown is another example of OnStar's commitment to deliver unparalleled security and enhanced public safety on the road.

Honestly I'm not sure how that company's employees can sleep at night. Their systems have already eroded any sense of privacy a GM driver might have had, and now they've been allowed to implement a system to disconnect your accelerator "for your safety"? Isn't it bad enough that they track your every movement and can listen to your every word, now they are free to dictate whether you can drive your own car or not?

Does nobody else see the problem with this?




Story: E-monitor : Stop That Car!

OnStar's PR for it: Stolen Vehicle Slowdown

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Mystery Girl said...

It looks like you're trying to crash would you like some help with that?

I will never buy a car with OnStar you just know that when the operators get bored they're going to listen in plus the only person who should be controlling the car is me - the driver.

And can you imagine what would happen if some nutter hacked the system. Carnage - literally!