Friday, April 11, 2008

Lane discipline : worse than ever in England.

It's over 7 years since I left England, and I've discovered on my current business trip that most things have deteriorated. One thing which is immediately noticeable is lane discipline. It was never brilliant when I lived here, but unbelievably it's become worse since I left. On the commute from my lodging to my office, I come across literally miles of cars driving along a dual carriageway in the outside lane without a care in the world, whilst the inside lane is completely clear. Without exception, they all get very irritated when I overtake them on the inside.

I found the same was true of a couple of the major motorways this morning too - hundreds of drivers just sitting in the outside two lanes whilst the inside two lanes were completely clear.

Frankly I consider it to be safer to overtake these goons on the inside than to go to the outside lane and have to flash them to get them out of the way. The problem is that if the police see me doing this, no doubt they'd hassle me for undertaking instead of the hundreds of cars with no lane discipline. We're all breaking the law though - shouldn't they be trying to solve the cause of the issue?

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