Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Audi A4 - and another thing.

I've got another Audi A4 on rental this week, so I'm having a chance to re-evaluate my previous comments. All hold true but I've found something else that's irritating me now. The indicator has two modes of operation. If you nudge the indicator stalk, it blinks the indicators three times then turns off. If you engage it fully, the indicators turn on then self-cancel when turning. It's the three-blinks thing that is irritating. I nudged the indicator stalk when moving my hand off the wheel yesterday on the motorway, and the indicator came on. Not realising it was going to do the three-blinks thing, I quickly shoved it the other way thinking I'd turned the indicators on. So then I ended up indicating to the right - shit - nudge it the other way - starts indicating to the left again. There's no way to actually manually cancel the three-blinks mode once it's running other than fully engaging the indicators one way or another, then returning the stalk to it's neutral position.
Bad, Bad Audi. That's terrible design. Nanny indicators. Whatever next?

The person behind me must have wondered what the hell was going on. In the end I actually had to change lanes simply to make it look like I wasn't a complete idiot.

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