Monday, June 13, 2016

Viewers call again for Chris Evans to be removed from so-called "Top Gear"

Having made the long, slow, painful trek through last week's so-called "Top Gear" I can fully understand the story that ran in several papers where a great many people asked why Jenson Button couldn't replace Chris Evans (Top Gear fans call for Jenson Button to replace Chris Evans as host). Again, Evans was shouty, unfunny, rude and generally obnoxious, and again he proved that all he's capable of whilst driving a car is reading the press release. It also became extremely apparent that he doesn't drive the cars for the external shots. The internal camera views always show him driving in a straight line along the runway, and the external views show a driver who doesn't even have red hair.
The crowning moment of glory however, came when Jenson Button was allowed to drive the McLaren 675LT with Evans in the passenger seat. It was immediately more funny and more engaging, with Button drifing beautifully around the track, one hand on the wheel, the other stroking the alcantara fabric on the A-pillar and musing about the style of the radio. Funnier still was Evans reaction in the passenger seat - outright terror, proving he's not equipped to drive powerful cars, nor be a passenger in them when they're driven by race drivers.
The absolute truth comes from the viewing figures though. 4.4million in the first week, dropping to 2.8m last week. A new all-time low for the show, being beaten now by Country File, Antiques Road show and a charity event on ITV. Evans is in total denial at this point, now claiming "Overnight television viewing figures for Top Gear have never been less relevant."
I disagree. The main presenter for Top Gear has never been less relevant. Chris Evans needs to go before he sinks that ship completely. Leave it in the capable hands of Matt LeBlanc, Sabine Schmitz, Chris Harris - and just maybe - Jenson Button.

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GreyTVR said...

Agree generally, but not with " Leave it in the capable hands of Matt LeBlanc....". He should go as well and leave it to Sabine & Chris Harris. The addition of Jenson would be brilliant but could he really be bothered? But lets be honest though, the TG format has had it's day and needs a complete re-think. Simply re-hashing ideas from previous shows with new hosts and different cars/locations can't conceal the fact the ideas have dried up. Time for something new BBC.