Monday, May 5, 2014

Travelling without cars

This is a car blog, right, so why am I writing today about travelling without cars? Simple. As much as I love cars and everything to do with them, I'm not daft enough to think they're the be-all and end-all of transportation. We just returned from a vacation in Europe and for sure, there are cities and entire countries where you really don't need a car (as a visitor). That's an important distinction; there are obviously times when a car is the only option. But if you're travelling, think twice about renting a car.
For example we spent a week in London. I can tell you it's utterly pointless to rent a car there. You'd be spending stupid money in congestion charges and parking charges, and you'd spend your entire time sitting still in traffic. Instead, grab yourself an Oyster card (public transit pre-paid card) and use the buses and tube. It's so much easier. Heck - the centre of London really isn't that big - you can walk a lot of it without any issue if the weather cooperates.
We also spent time in the Netherlands - all over the country. This country invested in public transport in a big way thirty years ago and today, as a visitor at least, there's literally nowhere in the country I can't get to without public transport. They have a pre-paid public transit card too - called the OV Kaart (openbaar vervoer = public transport). We toured the entire country visiting friends and tourist attractions without once wishing we had a car. The trains are punctual, clean and efficient. The trams and buses equally so.
So consider it next time you travel - do you really need to rent a car?

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