Monday, February 25, 2013

Guest post : Car Decal Questions Answered

I thought this was a timely post as the science fiction nerd in me recently caused me to put a new decal on the rear window of my daily driver.

Car decals (and car window decals) continually raise common questions for car owners about adhesive, material, and life-expectancy. These common questions are outlined and answered below.
Will car decals damage the car's paint?
Car owners asking if a decal that is applied to the body of the vehicle might ruin the paint should order a special adhesive that is produced specifically to not damage the paint. These adhesives are no less strong than other adhesives and will last just as long. The only difference is that when/if they are removed it will not bring the paint with it. Another material used as a substitute is a low-tack decal. These decals are made of fabric and apply to the car like masking tape. These can be removed damage free as well.
How are car decals installed?
Decal installation for either the body of the car or the window is simple, but must be done carefully because if done incorrectly it can be a costly mistake. Clean the vehicle or the window especially around the area in which the decal in going to be placed. Measure the window to find the center point. Tape the decal to the body or window and begin to slowly remove the backing paper and apply the decal. Use a squeegee to apply the adhesive to the car and drag out bubbles that might form. Do this slowly so that the decal does not fold on itself as the backing paper is removed. Once the decal is applied, use a razor blade to trim the edges and remove any extra material to blend the decal better.
Can car decals be washed?
Car decals and any type of car window decals are both car wash safe. The ink printed on the material is embedded in the decal. Still, it is important not to clean or scrub directly on the imagery and the decal in general. Any dramatic rubbing could potentially scratch the decal.
What is the right size for a car decal?
Measure the area of the car which the decals is being applied. This is a simple process. Suppliers of decals may have standard sizes but every car, whether by the measurement of the body or the windows, is different. Measure around the area to figure out what size the decal needs to be in order to fit that area.
How are car decals removed?
To remove car decals use a focused hear source against the decals surface. This heat source could be a heat gun or a hair dryer. That heat those machines project will loosen the adhesive that is sticking to the surface of the car. Once the adhesive is loosened the decal can be lifted of the car easily. Window decals should be removed using a razor blade to lift the adhesive.
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Rachel Matteson said...

Decals can add a personalized look to your car. It can also make the car unique. You should make sure to look for quality ones though so that it will last long. :)

Decal Removal King (Wonder Wheel) said...


You have covered off 90% of the decal questions I receive on a daily basis. The mainn area I get asked questions on, is how to remove car decals to which I answer.
1. For quick small jobs, try a hair dryer
2. For bigger jobs, like the side of the car or trucks, buy some equipment. Usually around $30-40 gets you a whizzy wheel

Hope this helps your readers


Design With Vinyl said...

nice information sharing!

Vinyl Car decals are great way to add a creative look to your car!!