Monday, November 28, 2011

Idiots who get what they deserve.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers, and a short post this week with a treat. Two idiot Corvette owners, overflowing with testosterone, wrecking their cars because they don't know how to drive. Seriously - why do people buy overpowered monstrosities like this and then figure they can drive them simply because they own them? Any hugely powerful RWD like this should come with an training class for the new owners to teach them not to be dicks. Anyway, enjoy the specatular and totally predictable results of two idiots drag racing on a public street in cars they shouldn't have been allowed to own.


Vladimir said...

And another similar video :)

Paul said...

To be fair it was the driver on the right that lost control and hit the guy on the left.
I'm not condoning the street race, far from it. And as a Ford supporter/owner it is kinda good to see a couple of Corvettes end up in the trees :-)

Wolf said...

there is a reason that drag racing is done in a straight line