Monday, March 7, 2011

Your tax dollars are seizing Nissan Skylines. Again.

Did you know that Nissan never officially sold the Skyline in the US? Those that are here had to pass all manner of emission and safety tests in order to be imported. Well it turns out that one of the importers - Motorex - was a little "economical" with that mandate and didn't bother to convert them to DOT spec. There was a big blow-up about this in 2005 and again in 2008, and now it seems it's the Department of Homeland Security's turn. Teams are again being sent out to seize and impound Nissan Skylines all over the country. Because I guess they're a threat to our security? Either way this seems totally overblown to me. Given the number of properly dangerous cars I see every day - ones held together with rust, with smashed up fenders and lights, huge cracks in the windscreens, missing windows, bald tyres and such - you'd think that time and money would be better spent getting those vehicles off the road.
Sadly though, Skylines are fewer and easier to find and if you're fortunate enough to be a Skyline owner, you're soon to be unfortunate enough to have it taken away from you and there is, it seems, nothing you can do about it.

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Ars.Gladius said...

Like you said, what is so bad about these cars comapred to the rest of the wrecks you see on the road?

Isn't seizeing them a bit much too? It should at least be an inspection and based on the outcome an or or a 'can not drive on public road' sanction until it is brought up to the requried standards.

Ars.Gladius said...

" or or a..." should be " OK or a..."

Chris said...

You'd think that would be just fine but apparently not.

Wolf said...

What about the Skylines that were imported through another importer ? Would these be seized as well ? I'm doubting wether homeland security will know the difference.