Monday, November 15, 2010

Why I dislike auto lights

In keeping with the light-oriented blog post last month, whilst following a GM something-or-other this morning (one of their line of staggeringly crappy SUVs), I was reminded why I dislike automatic headlights. You know - the ones that turn themselves on and off. It was a particularly crisp morning with stark morning sun and deep shadows. Every time we all stopped at traffic lights that were in the shade, the GM's lights came on. As we moved off into the sun, they went off. As we got stuck in slow traffic and went into shade, they came on again. Sun, off. Shade on. All the way to work.
It was daylight all the way - no need to have any lights on at all, yet in their infinite stupidity, GM's engineers decided that merely driving into the shade was reason enough to turn on this particular vehicle's lights.


Anonymous said...

Why it couldn't be simply turned on based by clock? Neverless US never should introduce DLR lights it would make it more oil hungry than it is already.

Chris said...

I suppose because that's no guarantee that it'll be dark. If you get a particularly stormy day, you might want your lights on in the middle of the day...