Monday, October 4, 2010

Get up fifteen minutes earlier

For as much as I drive, you'd think it would be difficult for me to be surprised by anything I see on the roads any more.
Not true.
I'm used to seeing women driving with the rear view mirror skewed at an odd angle - it means they're putting make-up on. Don't think that's a sexist or chauvinist comment - it's the absolute truth. We've all seen it happen. I see it regularly on my commute. A few weeks ago there was a new experience for me though. I'd followed a woman for a couple of miles, watching her primp and preen using the rear view mirror to fuss with her hair and finish putting on her mascara, and when she'd done, she straightened it up. A good sign, you'd think, but then her driving deteriorated even more and I was curious to see why. She clearly wasn't on a cellphone - the normal culprit - and she wasn't wrangling kids in the back, so I drove alongside to have a look. It turned out that she was eating cereal, out of a bowl, with a spoon. ie. she was using both hands to eat breakfast, whilst driving at 50mph in heavy traffic with her knees.

Here's the deal, people. Get up earlier. Anyone who does stuff like this and uses the excuse "I don't have enough time" is an idiot. Of course you have the time. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier, get up, do your make up and have breakfast at home, then drive to work. If you can't figure something that simple out, you shouldn't be driving.

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