Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Schumacher returns to Formula 1

This is something most Formula 1 fans have been hoping would happen : Michael Schumacher is actually returning to F1. He's signed a one year deal with the new Mercedes factory team to race for them this year. Whilst this is good news in itself, the better side of this story is that we're finally going to get to see Lewis Hamilton race head-to-head with Schumacher - the greatest driver in F1 history. Hamilton is talented - very much so - but he's not had to face a true champion since he joined F1. Sure he's raced against Alonso and Raikkonen, but neither of those drivers really have their hearts in it. Alonso is just a crybaby - always complaining about something - and Raikkonen never really tries (which is why he's out of F1 this year).
So for one, I'm looking forwards to seeing how this pans out. It's a shame Schumacher isn't racing for Ferrari, but it will be interesting to see if he can help Mercedes - a newcomer - to get some decent victories in their first year.

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Paul said...

Hi Chris,
I've followed F1 for many years now and, when back in NZ, stayed up until 2 or 3 in the morning watching the races live so I'm looking forward to how MS goes in a new team.
As a Kiwi I've always been a McLaren supporter so haven't really been a MS fan, but you can't love motorsport and not appreciate how good he was, and hopefully still is.
Do you look at the pitpass.com website? There is a story on there that you might be interested in where comments from MS are reported.
Not sure if it's ok but here is the link to that particular story: