Friday, January 22, 2010


This is a PSA for drivers in England: the speed limit is not 38mph.
I know some of you know this but my driving experience there over the Christmas break leads me to have to point this out. 8, 10 maybe 12 times over 4 days we found ourselves bumbling down a 60mph road at 38mph with no opportunity to overtake. And naturally, as we entered 30mph zones, the car in front carried on at 38mph until we reached the 60mph limit on the other side - where the 38mph dawdle continued.
Now I don't know if this is because people are simply petrified of being caught on one of the tens of thousands of speed cameras, or whether it's that people think that 38mph is just a good all-round speed to travel at.
But I'll say this: it's a good way to cause accidents, because faced with the prospect of 20 to 30 miles behind someone doing 38mph who isn't even towing a caravan, a lot of following drivers take huge risks to get past.
So read the road signs, read the road, take your eyes off the GPS, put the cellphone down and drive faster than 38mph.

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Stuart said...

I have experienced this far more times than I care to remember.

However, for benefit of non-UK residents reading this: there are also a very large number of UK roads with a 60mph speed limit, that you would have to have a death-wish to travel at even 40mph on. (Single-car-width walled country roads being an easy example.)

Chris, I'm sure those weren't the roads you were on, but I'd personally have worded the last bit "...and drive at a speed that actually seems appropriate to the conditions." I know that's the spirit you intended!

Kudos for bringing this one up, in any case. I always recommend this blog to friends when I can...