Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We're spoiled.

This past weekend I went out with a couple of mates on our motorbikes to ride the Mirror Lake Highway. It starts in Kamas, about 40 minutes from where I live. The ride out and back was great - we're typically spoiled for beautiful countryside in this part of the world. I was on my Triumph Tiger, and my two friends were on a Yamaha R1 and a BMW R1200GS respectively. An eclectic mix of bikes for sure but we weren't out to race, just to spend some time with friends. We came across a couple of groups of Harley riders - one group was totally pleasant whilst the others were the usual HD morons who believed they owned the road. The usual, then. There were mercifully few car drivers around, and even fewer campers and trucks. I suspect that's because we started early. By lunchtime as we were coming back, the road up to Mirror Lake was stuffed full of the aforementioned mobile roadblocks - it would have been miserable having to ride up at that point.
So if the weather's good, and you've got a good group of friends with motorbikes, just take off for the day. Doesn't matter where - just enjoy it. Summer will be over soon enough but that leads on to Autumn - the best time to get out on your motorbike....

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