Monday, July 20, 2009

Stone chips in your windscreen

As you'd expect from driving a vehicle with a near vertical windscreen, rock chips are an occupational hazard in a Honda Element. So many people get little chips and dings and think nothing of it, or put off a repair.
Just do it.
Get down to your local rock chip repair place and pay them the $20 or £15. I went to a Technaglass near where I live and it took them about 10 minutes. The chip is still slightly visible from a cosmetic point of view but that's not the issue. Most rock chip repairs are structural which means that when winter comes around, there's less chance of water getting in to the pits and cracks, freezing, expanding and making things worse. Apart from that, your windscreen undergoes a lot of torque and flex in the day to day driving of a car. Small cracks and chips lead to bigger cracks and chips which ultimately will lead to a new windscreen.
Or you could spend barely anything today to mitigate that happening.

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