Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm an impatient driver...

...but for the sake of 2 seconds, even I couldn't care. Apparently A10AOW did care though. As I was reversing out of a parking space this morning, this guy came barreling down the parking lot towards me. I was blocking the way - because I was backing out - and as I turned to straighten up, he cut me off, squeezing between me and the parked row of cars I'd just come from. I honked him and gave him the internationally-recongised sign for "you're number 1" and drove off, chalking it up to the day-to-day inability of Utahns to be able to drive. The bespectacled, moustachio'd man in his red saloon did a quick three-point turn and raced up behind me, then tailed me out to the next set of traffic lights where he got out and leaned in through the passenger window of my car. "Swear at me again and I'll fucking bust your fucking head in!" he spat, whilst reaching in to the car but not being able to get quite all the way to me.

Wow. Not only was he impatient, but apparently my one-fingered salute actually spoke to him. Not only spoke, but swore at him.Must get on the phone to the Guinness book of records - apparently my left middle finger can speak.

Oh - and if that was you, I gave all your details to the police and the guy in the black truck next to us gave a witness statement. You're being charged with assault.

Have a nice day :-)


serge said...

Good to hear you did not get hurt. There is no ground for assault though, unless he beat you up or smashed you car. You used gesture he used words. Fair and square. Frankly, I am surprised how easy people use "number one" sign. You do not know background of the person you are flipping off. For some people it means much more than you possibly meant and they are conditioned to react violently on such expressions. In some places, like prisons, it may be the matter of survival. I do honk to give people some feedback on their driving, but giving "f you" on the matter of driving is a bit too much I think. I enjoyed you site, BTW ! - serge

Chris said...

Serge. According to the police, I do have grounds for assault. His actions and words are enough. If he'd hit me or damaged the car, then it would become aggrevated assault. If he'd caused severe harm or damage, it would become aggrevated bodily harm :-)