Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I love your car but the legroom sucks

There's a group of us who go out to lunch every day from my office, so we take it in turns to drive. Most of the cars are average runabouts but one guy has a beautiful red Audi A4 with full leather and the works. I love Audis - I'll defend them in any argument. But the legroom in the back of the new A4 leaves something to be desired. Actually - it leaves a lot to be desired.
What amazes me is how manufacturers will claim that a car has 5 seats when it clearly can only seat 4 people. The hump in the middle of the bench seat at the back isn't a seat at all. Worse, most cars have trouble sitting 4 normal people because of legroom problems in the back. Sure, technically you can fit 5 people, but not in anything resembling comfort. Realistically the average saloon car should better be described as a 2+2 - 2 adults plus 2 children. Alternatively, make the cars 20cm longer and use that 20cm as additional legroom for the rear passengers.

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Thomas Dodd said...

Gee, my car seats 6 adults comfortably, with plenty of leg room. Yes, 6P sedans really exist (same with a 9P factory limo). They just haven't been made for 30 years. (My car is 1970 Cadillac)

Unfortunately government mandates have removed them from the market. Most sedans are not wide enough to sit 3 across comfortably. And they are all too short to have much leg room and a reasonable trunk, though most have neither leg room nor trunk space.

You cannot get a true bench seat any more either, instead the seats are pseudo buckets connected with a raise area between them. I've looked, an the flat bench that was a staple until the 80s has disappeared completely from cars and pickups. The only place I've seen anything close is SUVs and vans.

Even them the bench in my wif's SUV is not wide enough for 3 adults. Maybe 2 adults and a child, although the now required "booster seats" make that tight fit. Even 2 children and one adult is tights because of the child safety seats.