Saturday, April 4, 2009

Don't drive like a dick

This morning I was making my way west across town and came to merge on to one of the motorways. Traffic was light and it was relatively early. As I set off down the on-ramp, I saw a white Ford Taurus jump the red lights behind me and careen past me on the dirt, accelerating towards the motorway. Just about the time I thought "he's going to crash!" he shot across all three lanes of traffic. His brake lights came on just as he slammed into the concrete divider in the middle of the motorway. Overcompensating for the first crash, the driver then yanked the wheel hard to the right which deflected him back across all three lanes again, this time with the front wheels locked up and performing a full 360 on the way across. Last I saw he vanished off the hard shoulder down the grass verge, presumably to come to rest upside down in a ditch.
You know what my first thought was? Not "I wonder if he's OK" or "wow that was lucky he didn't hit anyone". No - it was "what a total dick. Nice to see Karma work so quickly once in a while."
Does that make me a bad person to wish ill of someone driving like that? I don't think so. Clearly he had no right being behind the wheel of a car, and forces beyond my control sorted the problem out nice and quick.


Anonymous said...

That's reasonable. I wish no serious injuries on the lad.. but a totaled vehicle, a few bumps and bruises, and increased insurance premiums are a nice thing for him to think about.

Anonymous said...

Far out. Wish the instant karma factor would kick in more often. I get so sick of people driving like complete asshats with total disregard to the safety of everyone around them.. and you can forget about common courtesy - such as letting someone come into your lane when they've been indicating for a full five minutes instead of speeding up to block them from moving over. Asshats I tell ya.