Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The state of cabs.

I'm at a trade show at the moment, meaning I go everywhere on foot or in a cab.
The cab ride from the airport was in an old Crown Victoria that wouldn't go above 45mph, had over 400,000 miles on it, and no shock absorbers to speak of. It weaved all over the road on it's own, even when the driver held the wheel still, and it reeked of petrol. Tonight I took a cab ride back to the hotel, and the cabbie spent most of the time nearly running into the people in front because he was busy instant-messaging on his laptop on the front seat.
So when I see cabbies complaining about poor treatment on TV, I'm bound to ask the obvious : "why don't you learn to drive, learn to navigate, and maintain your vehicles, then maybe you'll get some respect?"
I'd rather get from A to B in a cab in one piece and without smelling of vomit and petrol and fearing for my life.
Or is that just me?

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