Sunday, October 12, 2008

First snow of the season.

Which means first really spectacular demonstrations of Utah driving of the season. You see, around here, people have a goldfish-like memory for snow and ice on the roads. It happens every year, regular as clockwork, yet each year when it finally arrives, it seems to take them all by surprise. We end up with cars upside down on the wrong side of the road, cars upside down in trees, cars upside down perched on crash barriers, and cars upside down stuffed into the sides of houses. Regular as clockwork. I shall venture out with quiet trepidation this morning - it's been snowing all night so I expect complete carnage today, even though the roads themselves are actually just wet, not icy. The snow will distract them from their makeup and cellphones, which have already distracted them from the task at hand - actually driving their cars - and that will be all she wrote.

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