Saturday, June 14, 2008

The ruinous cost of petrol in England

I'm on a brief trip to the UK at the moment and the price of petrol over here is ruinous now. Of course if you're reading this in England, you already know that but for those back in America where I now live, it's the equivalent of about US$12 / US Gallon now. Petrol tanker drivers going on strike, truck drivers blocking the motorways with go-slow protests, petrol stations running out as people panic-buy and still the government won't change their over-400% tax rate. Makes me wonder if I should come back for a few weeks and set up another nationwide fuel protest like I did in 2000. Dump The Pumps. Ah - those were the days. The internet archive still has copies of my old site, back in the halcyon days when I brought the country to a complete standstill.
Boycott The Pumps
Original stories in The Telegraph and the The Oxford Mail

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes the golden age...

When driving a small engne petrol car of all of 1.2L that has no power whatsoever on anything other than flat terrain but does 48mpg still costs me £48 a week to get to and from work.

And now we hear on the back of £9bn profits the energy firms are hiking prices 40% to cover inceased costs of gas and electric.

This country has had it.....