Wednesday, May 28, 2008

HOV Lanes

There was a time when HOV lanes meant just that - High Occupancy Vehicle. Around here they've come up with a brilliantly misconceived scheme to turn the HOV lane into a profit-making venture. It's so corrupt it could almost be the work of the UK government.

So rather than just allowing multiple-occupancy vehicles, buses and motorbikes, they now allow driver-only vehicles as long as they have paid for a permit. The shining jewel at the top of this plan is that the permit has to ride inside the vehicle with the driver rather than be displayed somewhere prominently.

In between dodging certain death at the hands of Utah drivers on the motorway now, I also have to contend with drivers who might or might not have an HOV permit, who decide that it's their own personal overtaking lane.

It's all a bit mad.

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