Monday, March 23, 2015

Be wary when filling a rental car near an airport.

It almost goes without saying but I'll say it anyway: if you're returning a rental car to an airport and you need to fill up, use your brain. A couple of weeks ago I was returning a car at Orlando airport and needed to fill it. On the road out of the north side of the airport I came across two filling stations opposite each other. One was over $6 a gallon and the other was $5.95 a gallon. My initial reaction was a very loud WTF. Why? Because literally 15 seconds further north, on the next block, petrol was under $2 a gallon. Think about that for a moment. For the sake of driving an extra 15 seconds I spent 66% less for the petrol. You see this everywhere of course - the petrol stations near Heathrow Terminal 4 and 3 ask silly money for petrol. The big Shell station just south of Amsterdam airport is 25% more than anywhere else in the country.  But triple the price? This was the most blatant price gouging I've seen in a long long LONG time. I'm calling these guys out: Suncoast Energys and Sun Gas on South Semoran Blvd: you guys are criminals of the lowest order. 
For everyone returning a car at Orlando, drive one block further to the Wawa and save yourself a crapload of money. 

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