Monday, September 20, 2010

Why do cyclists think road rules don't apply to them?

I grew up in the Netherlands, so I spent the formative years of my life cycling everywhere. I still have a bicycle and still use it. Apparently I'm the only one who understands that road rules apply to cyclists too, because in this day and age, they do seem for the most part to be a menace. Frankly it's surprising more of them aren't hood ornaments because they certainly make every attempt to get into an accident.

Every morning on my pleasingly short commute, I come across people cycling three-wide, blocking the road. They refuse to cycle in-line in the cycle lane, and get really pissed off when people honk or shout at them. But then they go on to filter to the front of the line at traffic lights (which I have no problem with) before then cycling through the red light (which I very much have a problem with). Every day I get some bozo breezing through a stop sign that I've stopped at, then getting bent out of shape when the drive who had priority nearly runs them down. Every day I see these two-wheeled idiots hopping up and down kerbs menacing pedestrians one second, then blocking the road the next.

I'm sorry people but if you're going to cycle like complete assholes, then expect to be treated like complete assholes.


jeanfromcornwall said...

A bit off topic but a little while back I left a comment when you posted the a Yaris saved your wife's life. Today mine probably saved my life. I couldn't avoid going into the rear end of another vehicle, but I am fine- a little bruise and some scrapes from the seatbelt and airbag, but the car will never walk again.

Praise to Yaris, the car that loves it's people.

Chris said...

Good to hear you're OK. We replaced ours with another Yaris :-)

Anonymous said...

Whilst I agree with the majority of what you say, I would like to ask why car drivers think they are so much more important than cyclists? Why do they overtake me only to stop five feet in front of me and block my progress through traffic jams? Why do they think they own the green lanes as well as the black ones and when did they pass their PSV licence which allows them to drive in the red bus routes?
cycling is hard enough through a grimy traffic atmosphere without morons (some not all) wrapped in metal boxes thinking their life is more important because they're not exposed to the elements and can't be squished quite so easily.

Kevyn Hagemann said...

So sad to know that there are only a few cyclists aware of following road rules. Not only drivers are responsible for following these rules, but also cyclists and every individual. The rules have been made in order to avoid accidents and maintain orderliness on the road.