Monday, September 30, 2013

What two cars would you pick?

A colleague and I were having a theoretical discussion a couple of weeks ago about ideal cars. The first question was the more difficult of the two - if your current car crapped out, was stolen, caught fire or somehow otherwise was taken away from you, what would you replace it with given your financial situation? Would it be a newer version of the same thing or something different? My colleage chose the same 2006 model year Mustang that he has right now, and would opt to do all the same modifications to it again (brakes, suspension, blower etc). I would likely go with an Audi Q3 or another Range Rover Evoque.
The second question was considerably easier. If money and practicality were taken out of consideration, what car would you buy in addition to any that you own? For me the answer started out as a toss-up between an Aston Martin Vanquish, and a Lamborghini Aventador or Gallardo LP560. The Aston Martin has it on looks every time, but the Lambos are both basically Audi technology underneath which ought to be bombproof. In the end it would have to be the Vanquish though. It has that 'x' factor for me. My colleague, by comparison, was a little more grounded and figured next year's all-wheel-drive Tesla S would be more his pace.
So how about it - what would you replace your daily driver with, and what's your money-no-object car?


Mike Visser said...

I would keep my current 2004 Volvo XC70 and re-do all the upgrades that I have done to date and have planned. It's a tank and I wouldn't trade it for anything else under the first scenario.

If money (and practicality for a family car) wasn't an issue: Land Rover Defender (with upgraded interior) or Unimog 405 (UGN) U400.

Chris said...

Unimog - good choice !

Paul said...

I would probably upgrade my current 04 Mustang to a newer model. Maybe a 2011/12 to take advantage of the nee Coyote 5.0.
My money no object car, I have to agree with you Chris. The Vanquish all the way! Ive always loved those cars, or maybe the DBS?

Saberus Terras said...

Right now, something similar to my 05 Elantra hatchback, or an 85 Corrola 2-door with the AE86 body (Which was my very first car. safety features were a seatbelt and my functioning brain... all anyone needs.)

If money were no object, a fully tuned Toyota RSC concept. It looks fast, tough, and mean.

Chullbull Panday said...
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