Monday, February 20, 2012

Did you know in some states there's no eye test for the driving licence?

A Couple of months ago, New York became the seventh state to axe eye tests from driving licence renewals. I'm not sure how or why this got suggested or even voted on, but it did. Worse still, eight states allow you to self-certify that you aren't medically blind. In short, as long as you promise you can see OK, you're fine to get a driving licence. Hmmm. The vehicle safety inspection doesn't cover things like brakes and seatbelts, cracked windows, missing body panels, bare tyres or failed suspension, and now there are states that technically don't require you to be able-sighted to get a licence. I'm sure this is all in the name of road safety. Promise you're not blind and NY will renew your driving licence

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