Monday, November 29, 2010

Top Gear USA Part 2.

Ok I'll admit it - I gave it a second shake of the stick last night. Hard to believe but I think the pilot episode might actually have been the best one. The three wooden presenters became even more wooden last night, and watching "Rutledge" trying to deliver his lines from the Aston whilst driving in the desert was embarrassing. I don't know what his day-job is but he's clearly never been on TV before. And his lack of understanding of how speedometers are marked was legendarily bad.
My friend's 5-year-old daughter could deliver scripted lines more convincingly than he could and just about anyone who knows about cars knows that the max speed on a speedometer is always, always, ALWAYS faster than the car can actually go.
Foust became even more flamboyant (read: gay) and the third bloke - Adam something-or-other became even less funny and even more forgettable.
Worst of all however, I've discovered something truly horrible:
Jeremy Clarkson and Andy Wilman (TG:UK producer) review all the footage for TG:USA. A BBC Brit with a biting sense of humor helms the production and a large part of the crew are experienced from working on episodes of the original Top Gear.
I'm utterly speechless.
If the above is really the case, how can Top Gear USA be so appallingly bad? Surely if Clarkson and Wilman really are reviewing the footage, they'd never have approved a single frame of this diarrhea they're peddling on History Channel. It's classic American remake drivel. It needs to be canceled and quick before it destroys the Top Gear name forever.

Fool me once. Shame on you.
Fool me twice. Shame on me.
There won't be a third viewing of Top Gear USA for me.


Vladimir said...

You know, if it is true that Clarkson and Wilman are reviewing the script, there is only one explanation possible - man, they really hate Americans... ;)

Chris said...

Oh that's a good point! This could be the funniest stunt they've ever pulled!

Anonymous said...

Remember Clarkson's stunt on Ann Robinson's talk show where he binned the entire continent.

Paul said...

I'm a bit late in commenting on this as I hadn't seen the show. Now I have while on a flight from Houston to Portland. I watched about 20 minutes of it and changed channel as I couldn't take anymore.
Oh dear :-( I suspect it won't last long at all.

Launch X431 Master said...

I watched it today. Am I too late :-)