Monday, October 18, 2010

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

When BMW bought Mini, I was unsure what to expect. When the first new Mini came out - I was pleased. It was a nice take on the original car - a modern re-interpretation of Issigonis' original design. The mid-life revision wasn't bad either. Then came the Clubman and things started to go downhill. A suicide door that opens into traffic if you live in England - the home of the Mini. A left-right split rear door with a centre pillar so big it makes the rearview mirror unusable. Why did BMW feel they needed this model. Things took another turn for the worse with the announcement of the Mini SUV, based on the Clubman but pumped up to American proportions with a suspension and body lift and 4WD. Now they've just gone too far with the spy photos of the minivan version turning up online. What the hell are BMW thinking? The Mini isn't a line of cars. It's a car, singular. It certainly never needed a 4WD off-road version and the butt-ugly minivan they're proposing is a joke.
Source (Auto Motor und Sport).

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Mystery Girl said...

YUCK! That's the worst design since the castration of the Subaru Imprezza.