Monday, January 18, 2016

Robby Gordon follow up.

This video surfaced today which proves everything I've said about Robby Gordon. He didn't finish the Dakar because he was being an ass on the transport stage on the last day. He rammed a support vehicle causing an accident that was bad enough the his co driver and three people from the support truck had to be airlifted to hospital. This is the epitome of Robby Gordon. He's dangerous, he doesn't care about others and he doesn't care for rules. He should follow through with his threat and never come back. 
You can watch the video here:


Anonymous said...

Anyone who knows Robbys career knows that he is one of the best all-around drivers ever . That's a quote from Tony Stewart's mouth. He had also been Racing for 2 weeks straight. I agree (and probably robby too) that it was a dumb decision but that's all it was. A mistake! I'm guessing that you've never made a dumb mistake! If he leaves Dakar, dakar will lose half of its fans cause most of them cheer for Robby. And for good reason. I've watched him in no less than 100 events of different driving genres and in almost all of them he is the fastest and most talented driver there. You can hate as much as you want but if you were to talk to anyone who actually knows how to wheel a raceway (and not Monday quarterback spectators) they will tell you that he is a rare talent.

Chris said...

The point is that everyone else had been racing for two weeks straight too. He wasn't the only one but he IS the only one who acts like a spoiled child and endangers the lives of others. If he leaves, the rally won't lose "half its spectators". Most of the fans do not cheer for him. A very select group do. The Dakar survived perfectly well for decades before Gordon came along and it will survive just fine after he leaves. He may be fast in some events and he may be talented in others but in the Dakar he is a danger to himself and everyone around him. Go to one of the stages next year and talk to the crews in the bivouac. Gordon does not command any respect from the other teams or crews. I've watched him purposely isolate himself in his giant motorhome and refuse to talk to anyone. I've watched him abandon team mates. I've watched him run other drivers and riders off the course. I've watched him ram other vehicles. He's a spiteful little ball of hatred that has no part in the Dakar and the sooner he leaves the better off it will be.